May Day Gift Tags 4May 1st is only three days away!  And if you have kids, you probably will wake up and realize it is May Day then look around the house for paper cups and pipe cleaners in a frantic attempt to make May baskets.  I know this feeling since that’s what I usually do.  But this year I have this handy-dandy printable so I am set and so are you.  All you need to have is paper, plastic baggies, and tape.  With each page you print out you will get a printable cone to hold popcorn, candy, or flowers and two gift tags that you can put on the cone, a basket, or the traditional paper cups.  Take a look at the cone image below.

may basket 2 Below is a picture of the gift tag on a little basket.may basket tag 1You have many options with this printable.  The kids will have so much fun printing them out and filling their baskets.  To make the cone, all you have to do is print out a page on regular paper or card-stock.  Then cut the cone out with sissors, overlap the tab in back and tape the cone together.  I think clear tape works better than glue because you would have to wait for the glue to dry and it may not hold as well.  Then fill up a ziploc or cellophane bag with popcorn and candy as you can see at my house we love the store-bought fluorescent cheese colored popcorn, but feel free to use anything you want to fill the cones. Just make sure not to overfill them.  Fill them in a slim cone shape.

cone and candy bagThen punch two holes in each side of the cone for a handle; I used twine but you could use a pipe cleaner, curling ribbon, or any string.  Then put the bag inside of the cone and tape it to the cone. This makes them easier to transport to your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

taping candy bag inSo here is the printable.  If you are looking for more May Day ideas, I have some in my last year’s May Day post where I made Mini-Apple Pie Baskets and Plant Baskets. Happy May Day!may-day-tag                                       Click here to print May Day gift tag and cone.

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