St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and this year I’m featuring a new printable. It is a banner with traditional shamrocks on a white background.  This is a fun decoration for your house, classroom, or as party decorations for that big St. Patrick’s Day party you’re throwing next Friday.  This banner is around 6 ft. long when strung on the twine.  To make this festive decoration start by printing out the 9 pages, each page contains 2 letters.  Then cut the flags out, punch one hole in both top corners of each letter banner and string them onto a piece of twine or yarn.  

You need to start with the last letter of the banner and work your way backwards as you string the letters on the twine.   Now you have a fun banner to decorate with.  If you want to get creative you can separate the words on smaller banners or use the letters for bulletin boards or signs to show your St. Patrick’s Day spirit.  And, if you want another St. Patrick’s Day idea check out my Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Card.  Now that your decorations are ready…don’t forget to wear something green!

Click here to print HA

Click here to print PP

Click here to print YS

Click here to print T.P

Click here to print AT

Click here to print RI

Click here to print CK’

Click here to print SD

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