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May Day Printable and Basket

Next Monday is May Day, and this year I’m featuring a new printable and twine basket craft. This is a gift tag featuring a cute flower arrangement in a mason jar.  The printable has six color combinations so you can have fun mixing and matching them with your baskets.  If you need to make some baskets, I have a cute basket craft made from empty yogurt cups and twine that looks perfect with the printable.  The possibilities of what you can do with these baskets are endless…you can fill the cups up with candy, you can punch a few holes in the bottom of the cup and add a plant, etc.  If you want to see other May Day ideas, check out my May Day posts from previous years: Printable May Day Gift Tag and Caramel Puffcorn, Free May Day Printables, and May Day Basket Ideas.



To make the May Day baskets, start by taking empty yogurt cups and punching a hole in each side.

Then tie a piece of string through the holes to make a handle.

Now take your hot glue gun and glue the twine around the cup while wrapping the twine around it. Use a popsicle stick or spoon to push the twine up to avoid burning your fingers since the glue is hot.  Note, an adult should do this step if children are helping out.

Once you cut the string, you’re done with the basket.   Now attach your free printable. This is a great way to create fun gifts and recycle plastic yogurt cups.

Easter Place Cards

Easter is this Sunday, and I have the prefect place card printable to decorate your table.  This place card has a hand drawn bunny on the front side with a hand drawn mason jar on the backside.  I used a soft pink background to give it a vintage spring look.  Using these place cards is the perfect way to let your guests know where to sit, and it adds fun, festive decorations to your holiday table decor.  These place cards are so easy to print.  Just click on the link below and print them on white card stock or white paper.  Then cut them out.  It’s that simple!  

The back side of the place card is shown in the picture below.



St. Patrick’s Day Printable Banner

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and this year I’m featuring a new printable. It is a banner with traditional shamrocks on a white background.  This is a fun decoration for your house, classroom, or as party decorations for that big St. Patrick’s Day party you’re throwing next Friday.  This banner is around 6 ft. long when strung on the twine.  To make this festive decoration start by printing out the 9 pages, each page contains 2 letters.  Then cut the flags out, punch one hole in both top corners of each letter banner and string them onto a piece of twine or yarn.  

You need to start with the last letter of the banner and work your way backwards as you string the letters on the twine.   Now you have a fun banner to decorate with.  If you want to get creative you can separate the words on smaller banners or use the letters for bulletin boards or signs to show your St. Patrick’s Day spirit.  And, if you want another St. Patrick’s Day idea check out my Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Card.  Now that your decorations are ready…don’t forget to wear something green!

Click here to print HA

Click here to print PP

Click here to print YS

Click here to print T.P

Click here to print AT

Click here to print RI

Click here to print CK’

Click here to print SD

Click here to print AY

Plaid Christmas Gift Tag Printable

If you’re like me you just used your last gift tag and still have presents to wrap.  And the last thing you want to do this close to Christmas is go back to the store again.  Who wants to deal with the crazy store traffic just to end up storing a whole box of gift tags for another year?  Not me. So that’s where this new blog post comes in to save the day. Today I am featuring a festive plaid Christmas gift tag printable. All you have to do to make these tags is click on the link at the bottom of this post, print them out on white card stock or regular paper, cut them out, and attach them to your gift.  You can punch a hole in the top and hang them on your gift or you can simply tape them on. Now your extra gift tags are just a click away. 

Click HERE to print the Plaid Christmas Gift Tag